My name is Sally Faith Steinmann, and I am a custom ladies’ milliner located on the sandy shores of Cape Cod.

The name of my millinery business is MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®. Since 1998 I have been offering custom hats for ladies attending the Kentucky Derby, weddings, Royal Ascot and fancy teas.

Custom milliner, Sally Faith Steinmann

About 9 years ago, as way to get a break from the busy hatmaking studio I started taking my camera along with me on my nature walks. Much to my surprise a whole new world opened up, right before my very eyes!

Out there in nature, taking pictures of the wildlife that I visited with was where I discovered a place apart…

A place that rejuvenated and inspired me both in my personal life and my business life as well!

In 2015 I started a blog, Images of Cape Cod so that I could share this newfound photography passion.

Yet what truly surprised me was the ways in which the camera began to influence my work as a milliner. My color palette began to shift and expand. I started sketching new hat designs; inspired by the birds, the coyotes, the foxes that I had met.

Unfortunately due to my Mom’s illness, I had to back away from the blog in 2019.

But I never stopped taking photos. If anything, my passion for wildlife/nature photography only grew. Today, it is as essential to my life as breathing. Taking pictures inspires my work as a hatmaker now more than ever before.

Mom passed in October, 2022. This New Year’s I decided that it was time for me to share the photography part of my life again.

As I prepare to launch a new chapter of Images, calling it More Images of Cape Cod please enjoy this slideshow. These are just a few of the amazing moments I have experienced in the past few years!

Be well,